How Can Sinuplasty Help Patients

Chronic sinusitis can last up to 12 weeks and it will cause congestion, post nasal drip. There are times it can be treated with medication, but surgery is another option to help treat the sinonasal inflammation. The surgery is called a sinuplasty. There are few benefits offered by opting for surgery as a treatment. A doctor will explain what a person should expect from the surgery. There have been over 500,000 patients who have been treated with Balloon sinuplasty successfully.

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A popular surgery, like sinuplasty new jersey, provides a person relief from chronic sinusitis is a simple procedure. It is called Balloon sinuplasty. It should be known the surgery is not useful to all patients. The benefits of having the surgery are:

  • Reduced recovery time
  • Stops congestion
  • Patients see improvement

Since there is no tissue removed during the procedure, there is no need to pack the nose. It translates to reducing the recovery time for the surgery. The balloon sinuplasty is evasive surgery and once completed a person will not have to worry about congestion that was associated with the inflammation of sinonasal. Patients have shown great improvement after the surgery. It has shown to help the patients who are able to have the procedure done. The type of patient who can use the Balloon sinuplasty can vary.

Patients Who Will Find Sinuplasty Helpful

The ideal patient for sinuplasty would be patients who have shown signs of symptoms of chronic sinusitis for at least three months. A person who still suffering nasal problems after receiving a surgery called functional endoscopic sinus surgery should consider sinuplasty. Patients who have reoccurring symptoms will make a good candidate for sinuplasty as treatment.

Patients May Want to Avoid Sinuplasty

There are some people who may not benefit from being treated by sinuplasty. A person who suffers from sleep apnea should not use sinuplasty. Patients with nasal polyps do not make a good candidate for the treatment. When a person is not showing any sinus symptoms, a person should avoid using the surgery.

Things To Know About Sinuplasty

The length of the surgery can vary, but the average time has been over an hour and 10 minutes. The recovery time can be as long as two days. The surgery has been performed with the use of local anesthesia; however, the majority of surgeries used general anesthesia. It is important to consult the doctor to ensure a good option is used for a patient. The cost of performing the balloon sinuplasty can be in the range of $3000 to $7000. After the procedure, a patient should try to take easy for about a week. When you sleep, it may be a good idea to sleep with your head elevated to reduce discomfort when nasal may drain. Some risks may occur such as the nose may look different. It could change the sense of smell. There are rare cases, but those are only a few risks a person may experience. Many people consider the surgery a very safe option. It helped them treat the issues they had with their sinus.