How A Chiropractor Saved My Vacation

Although my problem began years before I traveled to Florida last December, it wasn’t until I found myself unable to visit the famous Theme Parks of Orlando that I knew how big of a problem it really was. I was the victim of a hit-and-run collision a few years ago. It left me with a severe chronic neck pain which until December 11th, 2018 I had been able to suffer through. Previously on December 10th my family and I had attended one of the world famous theme parks and had ridden several of the rides including one pretty vicious rollercoaster.

We had all had the time of our lives, however I woke up in the middle of the night with a pain so severe I found that I couldn’t go back to sleep. After a quick discussion with my family we decided that they should attend the theme park without me. I had decided I would head to the hospital to get checked out. After a not so quick stay in the ED I have explained to the doctors there my past affliction and they simply wrote it off as a previously existing injury and refer me to a specialist back home. They sent me home with a prescription for an over the counter medication but I was unsatisfied. I found myself searching the Web for a whiplash treatment jacksonville fl. The results at time were extensive. There were more than a few different pain clinics available to use however I wasn’t looking for a medication simply to mask my symptoms. I was looking for some sort of treatment which could lead me through the rest of my vacation before I headed back home. I had considered a massage However after reading reviews realized that My size in its own right without any type of physical therapy would not accomplish anything. There were different non-Western medicine options available as well. I had considered seeing and herbalist who was also known to be a world class acupuncturist. In fact, if the individual had an opening at the time I most likely would have gone their 1st based upon the opinions of my friends and family. After contacting a few of my more educated friends back home I decided to search more specifically for a chiropractor in the area. Even more specifically our searching for a chiropractor in the area who could take me then immediately. After quite a few phone calls from the local phone book I finally had located a chiropractor who had availability for the day and accepted cash payment.

I gathered the strength I had left and hopped into the rental car drove down the main Avenue following my GPS to the location of the chiropractor. He was professional and to the point. He explained his plan and it sounded good to After everything was said and done the man cracked my neck and shoulders a few times relieving me of what he called a build-up of pressure and my vertebrae. Thankfully and helped significantly and I was able to enjoy the remainder of my vacation.